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Konoha Next Generation

The Shinobi and Kunoichi of the Ninja Nation have had their own families. The Will of Fire has been passed on. Now, a new rowdy bunch of Ninja are running through the town. Will you run among them?

konoha, next, generation, shinobi, kunoichi, ninja, nation, have, their, families, will, fire, been, passed, rowdy, bunch, running, through, #town, among

Internet Cafe` Ulzzang

Internet Cafe` Ulzzang is a forum providing you gifts, beauty tips, a friendly community, contests, learning about ulzzangs/fashion/different languages.

ulzzang, forum, internet, cafe, ulzzangs, kawaii, cutie, site, model, best, face, good, looking, #korean, japanese, chinese, shop, store, friendly

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