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Anime Roleplay

Here you can rp your OC characters, and fanmade characters (and canon characters!)We make sure everyone is included in the rp, because I have had experience where the newbies really don't get a chance.

anime, #roleplay, here, your, characters, fanmade, (and, canon, characters!)we, make, sure, everyone, included, because, have, experience, where, newbies, really, don't, chance


Elite Roleplay Crafters

erpc, elite, #roleplay, crafters

War Woofs

A roleplaying site based off a soon-to-be story called "War Woofs. " Come in and join a platoon, get acquainted with your partners, and roleplay to your heart's content!

woofs, roleplaying, site, based, soon-to-be, story, called, "war, come, join, platoon, acquainted, with, your, partners, #roleplay, heart's, content!

Free forum : Role Playing Forum

RP forum : Just for role playing, mainly anime ^-^. Free forum : Role Playing Forum

#free, role, playing, forum

Dreamland Roleplay

An Advanced RP Mod Server for HL2DM

dreamland, #roleplay, advanced, server, hl2dm

Mutants Roleplay

A forum created for people who roleplay in an X-Men RP on Habbo.

mutants, #roleplay, forum, created, people, x-men, habbo

Paradox RP

a small garry's mod STALKER rp community.

paradox, #roleplay, garrysmod, stalker, post, apocolyptic

Writing Monsters

Little monsters come here to roleplay, write your hearts out my loves.

writing, monsters, little, come, here, #roleplay, write, your, hearts, loves

Free forum : Bitten By Twilight RPG

Free forum : Twilight Role Play!. Free forum : Bitten By Twilight RPG

#free, bitten, twilight

Cloudclan; Home of the warriors

Free forum : The Cloudclan Fourm based off of the Warrior Series by Erin Hunter :3 We roleplay, and best of all it's FREE.

#free, cloudclan, roleplaying, role, playing, warriors


This is for people that love Aliens From The AVP And some of The Pretators. We Roleplay it here and ill explain that later.

xenomorph, this, people, that, love, aliens, from, some, pretators, #roleplay, here, explain, later

Fear Roleplay

The new official forums of Fear Roleplay.

fear, #roleplay, official, forums

Naruto Roleplay : New Age Shinobi RP

Roleplay as the greatest ninja to reveal themselves to the ninja world since Naruto himself! A great place to meet chat and mostly RP!

shinobi, #roleplay, naruto, forum, role-play

The Hidden Valley Pack

Your long journey is over. We have come out of hiding. Welcome home, Friend.

#free, forum, hidden, valley, pack, have, journeyed, wolf, animal, canis, lupis, wolves, fantasy, #roleplay, role-play, role-playing, roleplayin


Free forum : A wrestling roleplay site. Wrestling UNCENSORED

#free, wrestling, uncensored

The Infernal Twin's Imagination Box

These forums belong to the following people: Nicole and Skylar. These forums are for their GLEE and other Role Plays!WARNING: This forums is for only Skylar and Nicole, if you are not these people, then please do not join. Thank you. :3

infernal, twins, imagination, these, forums, belong, following, people, nicole, skylar, their, glee, other, role, plays, then, please, join, thank

Zarp Roleplay

Zarp roleplay Server

#roleplay, zarp, server

Free forum : I Am a Prince of Tennis

Free forum : Hi and welcome to I Am a Prince of Tennis, this is a website, private for my friends and i so that we may react when not close . Roleplay, write stories, etc.

#free, prince, tennis

¸.•´¯)¸.•*• Fortune's FOOL •*•.¸(¯`•.¸

J-Music RP Forum: ¸. •´¯)¸. •*• Fortune's FOOL •*•. ¸(¯`•. ¸

forum, fortune's, fool, japanese, #roleplay, j-rock, visual, j-pop, rock, jrock

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